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Distress and Emergency
Distress and Emergency Help

The AOPA Strasser Scheme emergency diversion scheme and UK Distress and Diversion Service

AOPA "Strasser Scheme" for Emergency Diversions

In 1997 the CAA published CAP 667, Review of General Aviation Fatal Accidents 1985-1994


CAP 667 included the following:-

"There were a number of fatal accidents where a timely diversion or precautionary landing could have avoided an accident. In the UK there is a ‘culture’ of pressing on and hoping for the best rather than accepting the inconvenience and cost of a diversion. This ‘culture’ needs to be changed, firstly by educating pilots and secondly by persuading aerodrome owners that there should be no charge for emergency landings or diversions. It is recommended that all aerodrome owners be persuaded to adopt a policy that there should be no charges for emergency landings or diversions by general aviation aircraft.”

Since then Charles Strasser on behalf of AOPA UK has campaigned to persuade aerodrome operators to accept that recommendation, to the benefit of all pilots, not just AOPA members.

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UK Distress and Diversion Service

The Distress and Diversion D&D) Cell is the emergency centre of RAF(U) Swanwick, based at the London Area Control Centre (LACC) near Southampton.

The D&D Cell aims to provide you with a safe and accurate service, irrespective of your status, to enable you to complete your flight and continue to provide enroute safety information to other airspace users.

The D&D Area of responsibility covers the entire UK out to the FIR boundary. The D&D cell is open 24hrs a day every day, monitoring both 121.5 Mhz and 243.0 Mhz. D&D will respond to any emergencies that occur.

D&D provide:

  • Assistance to aircraft in emergency.
  • Carry out tracing action for missing/lost AC.
  • Facilities for Practice Emergency procedures on UHF and VHF Guard.
  • Provide an air traffic service to AC in emergency or transit to a diversion aerodrome.
  • Search and Rescue alerting service for both Military and Civil ac on UHF and VHF Guard.
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